Digital Marketing Support

digital marketing support

Hire me! Whether you have a one time need or want to add more fire power to your monthly marketing efforts, I can help.

Types of Digital Marketing Support:

  • Social Setup – Set up social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp) which could include activities like banner artwork development, logo treatment, audience building, suggested posts, and training.
  • Reporting Programs – Creating a website and social media reporting program to help track web presence, which could include Google Analytics setup and analysis, benchmarking, goal development and monthly auto reporting setup.
  • Content Development – Content strategy and creation to help define a new company, product, service or refresh existing ones. This could include determining what content is needed, writing copy and deploying via website, blog, social channels, print collateral and more.
  • Email Marketing – Newsletter and email campaign development or enhancement. Add email to your marketing mix or revamp your existing programs with updated layouts, new content, increased social media integration, and new ways to grow your email contacts.
  • Research & Troubleshooting – Learn more about your marketplace and get more from your marketing investments. These activities could include developing comparisons of marketing program vendors, return on investment analysis of digital marketing spend, and investigating known technical issues with digital marketing properties.
  • Event Preparation – Temporarily increase your marketing staff to support a one time event. This could include formatting and quality checking PowerPoints, designing and printing name badges and signage, event setup and breakdown, and researching event location and activities.
  • Sales Support – Provide increased support to your sales team through activities like qualifying leads, developing outreach targets, writing effective email copy and running reports.

Monthly Digital Marketing SupportMonthly Marketing Support

Managing your own business can be tough and marketing can often take a backseat to daily operations. Monthly marketing programs start as low as $500 per month, meaning you can cost-effectively bring marketing back into the mix. Each month you will receive ongoing support to accomplish your marketing goals.

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short term digital marketing contractsShort Term Digital Marketing Support

Whether you need an extra set of marketing hands for a launch or your marketing team is temporarily short one teammate, a short term contract could be what you need to make your marketing goals.

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