Monthly Digital Marketing Support

Monthly Digital Marketing Support

Continuous Marketing Help

Are you falling short of your email marketing or social media goals? Are you doing what you consider the bare minimum to market your business? Do you have some tasks you wish you could delegate? Consider my monthly support program. Each month you will receive a dedicated number of hours to accomplish your marketing goals. The more months you commit to, the more cost effective your program and also, the more you’ll get out of your dedicated hours.

Types of Monthly Digital Marketing Support Programs:

  • Blogging – Do you already have or would you like to create a blog for your business? I can write a monthly blog series for your blog centered around your marketing goals.
  • Posting – Do you have social channels set up but not enough time to post as often as you would like? I can help your social media keep up with your business goals.
  • Reporting – Do you want to know more about the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts? If you have time to deploy but not enough time to measure, I can provide monthly support to give you insight into your digital marketing and social media efforts.
  • Audience Building & Community Management- An important part of growing your social media presence is being responsive to your audience and engaging in the platform. I can help you maintain social media channels that both grow your community and provides customer support.

FAQs about Monthly Marketing Support

What is the commitment?
The minimum monthly digital marketing program commitment is 3 months and can be extended up to a year. The longer the commitment, the greater the cost savings month over month and the more you’ll get out of your digital marketing program.

What does a monthly program cost?
Monthly digital marketing programs start as low as $500/month and can be customized to fit your monthly budget. I’d be happy to discuss your goals with you and provide an estimate on a supporting monthly program. Contact me

What if I need to skip a month?
A one-time one month hold is available with all monthly digital marketing programs.

What’s the difference between a monthly program and a short term digital marketing project?
With a monthly program, I work with you to create a long term plan that both fills the gaps in your current marketing efforts and introduces new initiatives to your marketing mix. Each month, the program will build on the previous month’s activity to grow your digital presence and ongoing communication and monthly reporting will be built into your plan.

With a short term marketing project, I work with you to define the scope of a specific project, like setting up a blog, creating a monthly report, or producing a newsletter during a marketing team member’s absence. I will provide either a contract estimate or an hourly rate depending on the details of the opportunity.

What if I’m not sure where to start? 
Check out my blog post “Scope It Out: Digital Marketing Pre-Launch Questionnaire” to help you do some more thinking before you get started.

Contact me to discuss your monthly marketing opportunities.

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