Short Term Digital Marketing Projects

short term digital marketing contracts

Project-based Digital Marketing Support

Do you need an extra set of marketing hands for a launch or busy season? Do you have a marketing team that’s temporarily short one teammate? Short term contracts have a defined time frame and no monthly commitment.

Types of Digital Marketing Projects:

  • Temporary Team Support – Will your marketing team be short a digital player due to a vacation or extended absence? I can help your marketing programs stay on track until your team is back to full strength.
  • Web Reporting Program Setup – Do you want access to a manageable amount of monthly data on your web presence? I can help you setup a dashboard as basic as an Excel sheet and monthly reports delivered to your email inbox so you can more efficiently measure and improve your web presence.
  • Web Presence Audit – Would you like to identify some quick wins for your web presence? I can audit your website and social channels and create a list of recommendations for both short term and long term optimizations for your consideration.
  • Email Template Development – Do you use an email marketing program? I can help you modify your email marketing program’s template to match your company website or create a new design to support an initiative, holiday or special occasion.
  • Blog & Social Media Channel Setup – Do you know what you want to tell the world and need help building a platform to say it? I can help you setup and brand your blog and/or social channels so your message has a consistent look and feel.
  • Event Support – Do you have an upcoming webinar or onsite event that could benefit from additional marketing support? Whether it’s formatting speaker presentations, creating name badge templates, writing invitation emails or deploying sponsored promotional posts on social media, I can hep you make your event a success.

FAQs about Digital Marketing Projects

What is the cost of a typical marketing project?
Contracts can vary widely depending on the nature of the opportunity. I create an estimate based on how long I believe a project to complete, the estimated amount of administrative time to manage the project (revisions and reporting), and any additional resources required to complete the project. These are two sites I reference when providing a quote: Editorial Freelancers Association and this rate card from Writing Assistance, Inc.

I’d be happy to provide a quote if you’d like to send me a description of work. Contact me.

Can you provide training?
Yes, I am happy to include training as part of a project hand off. I can write simple documentation for certain processes and tasks to make sure that you feel confident deploying your new or updated digital marketing efforts.

What’s the difference between a short term digital marketing project and a monthly digital marketing program?
With a short term marketing project, I work with you to define the scope of a specific project, like setting up a blog, creating a monthly report, or producing a newsletter during a marketing team member’s absence. I will provide either a contract estimate or an hourly rate depending on the details of the opportunity.

With a monthly program, I work with you to create a long term plan that both fills the gaps in your current marketing efforts and introduces new initiatives to your marketing mix. Each month, the program will build on the previous month’s activity to grow your digital presence and ongoing communication and monthly reporting will be built into your plan

What if I’m not sure where to start? 
Check out my blog post “Scope It Out: Digital Marketing Pre-Launch Questionnaire” to help you do some more thinking before you get started.

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