Try for Try

try for try

I love trying new activities, whether it’s fitness, aerial arts, photography or even cooking, which I’m lousy at though great at eating. If you own or manage a local business that provides training, instruction or education that falls into or close to my list of activities below, contact me to arrange a Try 4 Try.

Possible Try 4 Try Activities

  • pilates, yoga, barre
  • aerial arts (trapeze, scarves, trampoline, etc.)
  • archery
  • bowling
  • horse back riding
  • spin
  • rock climbing
  • paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing
  • dance (ballet, Irish traditional, hip hop)
  • painting, illustration, pottery

What is a Try 4 Try?

Try 4 Try is my made up term for a one time barter. I love trying new activities and I also love talking to local business owners about their marketing needs and challenges. By arranging a Try 4 Try, essentially I get to try a class or session at your local business at no charge in exchange for a no strings attached consultation.

Is it really a ‘no strings attached’ consultation?
YES! I once put my business card in a bowl to win a free lunch and my ‘free lunch’ included 3 months of phone stalking from a very ambitious young sales executive. I will not do this. At the very least, I get to try something new and make a new connection and you get feedback on your business from a new potential client.

What else should I know?
I will track my Try 4 Try activities on my social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) so at the very least, I can promise you a like and a share from my mom.

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