Ten for Good

Ten for Good

When I graduated from high school, I had this moment of panic and hesitation – what if I just started mindlessly going down the route I’d mapped out and hated it? College then career then marriage then home then family – just follow my nose. It felt like I could see the future stretched out in a predictable and uneventful ribbon.

In my 17 year-old brain, the solution was to escape to the Peace Corps, ‘find myself,’ and then return and ‘do college.’ However, my grand plan sputtered and died when I realized that the Peace Corps isn’t fueled by young adults that want to escape ‘the plan.’ It’s actually staffed by people with experience. They can build, teach and guide. The Peace Corps weren’t just looking for people to give of their time; they were looking for them to give of their skill.

For that reason, I have committed to giving ten digital marketing hours per month for good causes. If you manage or support a non-profit that could use a little extra help, contact me for more information about ‘ten for good.’


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