About Alison Hession

Alison Hession

This was taken in a float plane – how cool!

This website serves as my catch all for the connections I make out in the world. Whether you’re someone looking for marketing support, networking opportunities, or you’re simply interested in the same things as me, this website is my way of sending back out to the universe what I’m picking up.

I am mostly Masshole, though I spent 4 years in the wilds of upstate New York during my undergraduate years. Like many graduates who aren’t doing exactly what they went to school for, most of what I consider my skill-set now was learned on the job. I began in a more traditional marketing role right out of college (print ads, product flyers and tradeshow artwork) before rolling with the times and learning how to manage social media channels, write copy and optimize a web presence for search.

Alfie at graduation

I recently rescued Alfie P. Doolittle. This is his Good Manners class graduation at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

I got my Masters in marketing in 2019 from SNHU, andI now work as a digital marketing manager for a healthcare analytics company in Boston. Get my full background on LinkedIn or connect with me on Instagram or Twitter.

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