Welcome to my blog – where all my random thoughts find a home.

Blog Theme(s)
A lot of blogs have themes, whether it’s cooking, travel, movies, etc. I don’t know if this has a theme; I think I’m the only thing holding this together so could the theme just be me?

Views & Feedback
I’m sure at some point I’ll have an opinion about something and I welcome feedback. Don’t make me come back here and edit this section with suggested conduct.

What is the reason I’m putting you and more specifically, my parents, through this? I like writing as much as I like talking, and in that regard, a friend’s mother summarized it best when she asked, ‘Do you pause for breath?’ Let’s just say I’ve been banned from kissing the Blarney Stone.

So lean in, just like Mr. Koala, and I’ll tell you a few tales.

Bienvenido a Alison Hession Dot Com


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